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ReindeerPooPaper™ Thank You Letter Sets (5 foldelopes per set) ReindeerPooPaper™ Thank You Letter Sets (5 foldelopes per set)

Getting children to leave their pile of toys and games at Christmas to perform the necessary but unavoidably duller task of writing thank you letters has always been a challenge. 

Well every problem has a technical solution, and this year we guarantee they will be as excited by writing their thank you letters as they are about all their glittering flashing electronic gizmos and gadgets, why you ask?  Well we'll tell you why . . .

Because Santa and his elves have been recycling, making paper out of reindeer poo and making 5 packs of ready folded Foldelopes.

You open out your foldelope, write a few short words expressing your sincere gratitude for the gifts you have received and then just fold it back up along the pre-folded lines tuck in the flaps, pop a stamp on and send it.
There isn't a child in the world that wont think its hilarious to send some reindeer poo to Aunty Endemynia. 

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